What People are Saying: Early Childhood

  • In our family we try to make a habit of saying The Lord’s Prayer with our children. Since my daughter made a Lord’s Prayer plaque in her Zion preschool class, I can tell she is connecting the dots between what she’s learning at school and at home. Having a faith-based support at Zion is exactly what I hoped to have in a school.

  • It makes my heart happy when I pick my children up from school and they are covered in dirt. This reassures me that even though their time in the classroom is well-structured, they still get to be outside and be KIDS.

  • What an amazing thing that my four year old is learning about art. She’s learning about real artist. When I saw this on the blog, I was blown away!

  • My daughter can’t wait to get to school to tell her teacher what she did over the weekend. Her teacher is doing a great job with her class!

  • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the preschool blog. I love that I can check it before I leave work so my daughter and I can talk about her day in the car or at dinner. ┬áIt’s little things like this that make the time at Zion worth the investment.

  • Even at 20 months old, I wanted to send my son to Zion. Zion is my family… literally. Zion has been a part of my family since before I was even a part of my family. I feel so blessed to now have my son experience the love and care that I did. Thank you from an alumni who is thankful you’re still loving kids every day.