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Cross Country National Champions

CONGRATULATIONS to the boys team of Charlie M., Isaac L., Nathan L., Calvin G., Sam M., and Nathan L. for bringing home the National Lutheran Schools Cross Country Championship trophy today!! That’s right, National Champions! 

With our top 5 runners placing in the top 50 overall (out of 200+ runners), Zion boys ended up beating second place by over 40 points! Pretty impressive.

State Champs

October 25: Lutheran Sports Association of Missouri (LSAM) conduct state championships in several sports every year.  Last weekend Lutheran schools from the state of Missouri gathered in New Haven for the Cross Country state championship.
Congratulations to the Zion girls’ cross country team that finished in 2nd place, and the state champion Zion boys’ cross country team (last 4 years running).  Several personal bests were achieved by the runners from top to bottom.   The oldest runners were coached by Julie Reitz and Zion alumni Chloe May.  The younger athletes are coached by Rachel Tyler, Stephanie Mudd and Melissa Gaghen.

Cross Country can be a hard sport.  Zion sports a team of 80 runners from 1st thru 8th grade, with 20 of them competing at the state meet.  The sport is an opportunity to learn not everything is easy, sometimes you have to do things you don’t like and at times you have to work really hard through discomfort to reach a goal.  Zion’s coaches and parents have been supportive, and firm in their encouragement for these runners through all kinds of situations.  Life lessons learned through athletics…….a wonderful purpose for athletics in schools.

National Lutheran School Accreditation

August 29:   During the first semester of last school year, we spent time preparing a school self-study and writing a strategic action plan to prepare for a visit by an accreditation team.  This was done as part of the process to become accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation Commission.  Zion has been accredited since National Lutheran School Accreditation began in the 1980s.

Zion just learned that as of August 1st we have received Accreditation in good standing.  We will hold this until July 2024, at which time we will begin the process of self-study in preparation of another visiting team.  In the meantime, we will celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of the past year and work hard to meet the goals set forth in the strategic action plan.

Moms in Prayer

Are you wanting to connect with the women you see in carline or church? Zion’s Moms in Prayer is an informal group of friendly and easygoing moms that meets for fellowship and to pray together for school concerns and upcoming events.  Our group prays for every teacher, staff member and student of Zion throughout the academic school year.  We are looking for 1- 2 representatives from each grade to pray with us, we extend a warm welcome to you to join us every Wednesday that school is in session from 8:10-9:00am in the Chapel Library, starting August 28.  Little ones are welcome and praying out loud is not required.  No RSVP is needed.  Come every week or as your schedule allows.    For more information or to make a prayer request, please contact Becca McBroom at or Michelle Mahoney at

Called to Care

August 25:  Over the past couple of weeks, I have heard many people say “The people around here are so nice and helpful”. I am not writing about this to brag or to rest on our laurels, I am writing to encourage all of you to continue the good work you have done in the Lord.

If we are “Called to Care”, then we need to live with that attitude.  I see it so many times throughout the year.  The challenge is to live with that attitude even when nobody is noticing.  It is what Christians, good citizens and church members do.  I know it happens all of the time and I also know it will continue.  Thanks for caring and showing our young people how to reflect God’s love as they go through life.

Office Remodel

July 29:  Main school front entrance and school office are receiving upgrades this summer.  Visitors will be able to be “buzzed in” the exterior door, speak to the school office through a window, then buzzed in through a secondary door if they need to get to the school itself.  No longer will a visitor be buzzed into the front door, and have access to the rest of the school.

The school office is being remodeled with some office location changes and updated office furnishings.  Flooring will be changed as well as a fresh coat of paint.  Costs are covered by the generous gifts of the Parent Teacher League (PTL) and Zion golf outing funds.  Thank you for your support for these projects as we work to make Zion Lutheran School an inviting and safe place to learn.