Teacher In-Service

September 22: 

Last Friday, Zion’s teachers had the opportunity to hear two wonderful speakers as part of their professional growth day at CCLS.  Dr. Kim Marxhausen spoke on the resilience of students and how teachers and schools can teach students to see their work as a growth agent.  We as teachers need to let students know that it is OK if they don’t get it right the first time, or if it takes longer to learn a concept.  Every child needs the proper amount of Law and Gospel applied to them as they learn to be citizens in this ever-changing world.  They need to know that Jesus is there for them and can be depended upon to help them through many trials.


Dr. Amy Maus spoke of not doing too much for our kids.  We need to let kids learn their own lessons and to be self-dependent as they grow older.  Of course, we all need some help and grace at times, but we cannot enable students to be dependent on others.  Children should see parents as their parent not as their friend or personal attendant.  It is hard at times, but necessary. 


What a great learning experience it was for teachers and a great way to affirm many of the great things Zion is doing.  It is also always good to hear new ideas and ways to make the classroom even better for our students.  Thank you for your continued support of Zion’s teachers and students.