Thank you

January 27:Last Sunday was Zion’s annual open house.  Teachers, staff and parent “tour guides” were on hand to show the 36 families that attended what a great school we have.  This was an increase over the number that attended last year. 30 of the families were here to seen the Early Learning Program or Pre School.  What a great blessing from the Lord to have all of these families on campus.

One of my favorite parts of the day is to see the responses to “how did you hear about us” on the sign in sheet.  The majority responded that they heard about us from friends that currently have students at Zion or are church members.  Thank you so much for “promoting” Zion to others.  The best recommendation can come by word of mouth from someone you know and trust.  Seeing the Zion family work together to support the school is truly heartwarming.