Geography Club

Geography Club is for 4th – 6th graders curious about globes, maps, and learning about God’s wonderful earth.  Students do lots of activities with maps, globes, Google Earth, and play geography games.  Geography club meets Thursdays after school during the months of November and December.  One of our goals is to practice “Bee style” questions in preparation for Zion’s Geography Bee in December.

Mileage Club

Mileage Club is a fitness program that students may participate in during their recess time.  It involves walking/jogging around our cemetery path and keeping track of the laps as they are completed.  Every time a student finishes a card (21 laps/about 3 miles) they turn the card in and receive a plastic “footie.”  The footies are designed to be placed on shoe strings or chains.

Special rewards are earned at these milestones:

5 cards completed = 15 miles (Silver Footie)

10 cards completed = 30 miles (Gold Footie)

15, 20, 25, etc cards (Clear Footie)

17 cards completed = 51 miles (Footie and #50)

25 cards completed = 75 miles (Footie and #75)

34 cards completed = 100 miles (Footie and #100)

Most students who actively participate in the mileage club will be able to complete a card in two or three days.  Students who complete at least 17 cards (51 miles) during hte school year will receive a certificate at our closing chapel in May.

Student Council (STUCO)

Student Council is a service group made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade members.  These members work together to create and organize school activities and events, which promote school spirit and Christian love toward one another.  This group is lead by teachers with the desire to help students develop skills in leadership, decision-making, problem solving, and communication. STUCO works organizes Jr. High dances, Red Ribbon Week, and Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Sport Stacking Club

The purpose of Sport Stacking Club is to give students a chance to work on their sport stacking skills and speed in a fun and encouraging environment. Sport stacking club takes place after school in January and is for all students in First through Eighth grade

There is a culminating event for members to participate in a World Sport Stacking Association tournament held at the Concordia Gymnastics Society at 6432 Gravois Road. The tournament will be an additional cost of $25.00 for those who choose to participate.