banner with name and pawAthletic Philosophy

The Athletic Program is an important part of the educational curriculum at Zion.  Athletics provides an opportunity for the student to grow and enhance athletic ability and learn about leadership and team.

The athletic experience will help the student athlete to:

  • Exhibit a positive Christian attitude
  • Discover and express traits and abilities
  • Demonstrate Christian sportsmanship
  • Appreciate God’s gift of physical abilities

The program will provide a vehicle for learning:

  • Attitudes of responsible team play
  • Cooperation
  • Mental and physical self-discipline20151030-154805
  • Loyalty
  • Personal pride
  • Pride in the school
  • Respect for the rights of others
  • The will to win.

The program will show and prove that hard work and dedication produces results.
Participants are stimulated to develop their God given talents and abilities to their fullest and cultivate a will to win.


Athletic Vision


Every Practice.  Every Game.  Every Season.

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  • Zion offers basketball in grades 5th-8th as part of the St. Louis Lutheran Athletic League
  • 5th grade also participates in the St. Charles county league
  • Our Varsity and Junior Varsity compete in League Championships and our varsity team can qualify for both state and national tournaments
  • 3rd/4th grades participate in a smart start basketball league
  • Seasons
    • 7th/8th (Nov-Feb)
    • 5th/6th (Jan-Mar)
    • 3rd/4th (Jan-Mar)

Boys Volleyball

  • Offered for 8th graders (Mar-April)

Cross Country

  • Zion offers cross country for grades 1st-8th 
  • Distances vary depending on age group
  • Compete in state tournament

Girls Cheerleading

  • Cheerleading is offered for girls in grades 6th-8th
  • Season is November-January (February if we qualify for state)
  • Compete in end of year cheer meet
  • Cheer during basketball games

Girls Volleyball

  • Zion offers volleyball in grades 5th-8th as part of the St. Louis Lutheran Athletic League
  • Our Varsity and Junior Varsity compete in the League Championship and our varsity team can qualify for the state tournament
  • Season goes from August-November


  • Zion offers two soccer teams made up of junior varsity (5th and or 6th graders) and varsity (7th-8th grades)
  • Soccer participates in St. Louis Lutheran Athletic League and participates in the League Championship

Youth Soccer League

youth soccer

Youth Soccer Program is now Junior Cougar Youth Soccer Program.  Below is the website that has information on the program.


Track and Field

Zion Track and Field takes place in the Spring. 5th-8th graders are eligible to participate. Athletes compete in City Championships and at Lutheran School Association of Missouri State Track Meet.

Events include: 4 X 100 M relay, 4 X 200 M relay, 100 M dash, 200 M dash, 400 M run, 800 M run, 100 M hurdles, long jump, discus, high jump, shot put, and triple jump

Definition of Teams

  • 5th grade
    • Everyone participates and playing time is equal
  • 6th grade
    • Everyone participates playing time is distributed based on effort (everyone plays)
  • JV
    • 7th and 8th graders tryout and if not on varsity are placed on JV less strenuous schedule and opportunity to play
  • Varsity
    • 7th and 8th graders tryout out and are placed on JV or Varsity
    • Varsity is more geared for higher end as preparation for high school
    • Playing time is earned.