Good Start to the Year

September 3 – 

Zion has had a good start to the school year.  Teachers have worked so hard to make everything work well, and have done an amazing job.  But let me tell you about Zion parents….


Many new procedures have been thrown at parents.  Parents have been asked to keep their kids home more often if there are any symptoms of colds, flu and of course COVID 19.  Parents have encouraged kids as they wear their face coverings, have rolled with the inconvenience of traffic flow, even looked at new platforms for homework and teacher communication, and all else that has been instituted this school year.


It is not an easy school year.  The kids are doing the best of rolling with things and making adjustments.  I can’t thank Zion parents enough for all they have done to help all enjoy the start of the school year.  A partnership that really works!!