New School Year Notes

August 21 – 

What a wonderful start of the school year for Zion!!  The students, teachers, staff and parents have done a wonderful job of creating and following procedures in classrooms and around the campus.  Kids are glad to be back in class, parents are happy to have their children back in class and teachers have loved catching up with the kids after the time we were apart.  I can’t thank everyone enough for all that they have done, it surely has not been easy on anyone.  There are a few things we need to shore up (did I mention the drop off and pick up?) God has got this, and we are and will make it through this extraordinary school year.

Just a few reminders and information:

  • Jr High parents, please do not leave until someone is there to check your child’s temp. We don’t want to have to call you to come back if needed.
  • When pulling onto the parking lot in the afternoon at pick up, make three lines of cars to stretch around the Jr High. We will move the barriers up a little farther to get more cars onto the lot.
  • We are asking parents to wear masks if you get out of your cars at pick up especially. I know it is outside, and we can distance, but just erring on the side of caution here.
  • Zion’s generosity comes through AGAIN. Zion grabbed the #1 spot in the state of Missouri for the Heart Association jump rope for heart program.  Steinbacher does a great job of organizing the event, and you all donate and support such a worthy cause.  Way to go Bobcats!!
  • No school on Friday, September 4th as teachers will be taking part in a zoom conference with other Lutheran teachers from the St. Louis metro area.