Endowment Fund

April 18: 

Zion’s Endowment Fund has grown to $250,000 in a relatively short period of time.  The principle of the account will not be spent, but the interest from the fund will be used to provide need-based scholarships given by Zion’s congregation.  These scholarships support students at Zion Lutheran School and Lutheran High of St. Charles.  It also will support Zion member students preparing for full-time professional church work who are attending a LCMS affiliated college, university or seminary.  The committee has a 5-year strategic plan that includes:


  1. Awareness and Celebration of the fund. Use communication avenues of Zion to inform about the fund, celebrate the successes and encourage giving.
  2. Expand the use of funds through new scholarship opportunities.
  3. Review funding and development of the fund. Encourage members to make regular donations over and above their regular giving patterns with a goal of $50,000 of annual giving to the fund.
  4. Endowment committee and development support.


If you would be interested in becoming part of this planning team or donating to the endowment fund, please contact Bruce Hanson or Marc Debrick.