A Day of Service

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people” -Ephesians 6:7 

Children’s Hope Chest is an international organization which provides services to children in poverty through CarePoint sites. These sites in Guatemala are partnered with the local organization, AMBI. Zion and Faith have committed to two of the CarePoints in Guatemala, Verbena, and Tecpan by sponsoring the children attending the CarePoint. However, not all of these children have sponsors. Please prayerfully consider being a sponsor to one or more of these children as members of our team have noticed differences in just 6 months since the last trip.



Today we spent the whole day at the Verbena CarePoint. Candie, the CarePoint director, was presented with supplies for the children including bubbles, jump ropes, soccer balls, and a bible. Also, monetary donations from Zion and Faith allowed the CarePoint to purchase tables and chairs to furnish their site.









The day began with introductions of the team to the children and CarePoint Staff.

We completed a craft with the children that involved painting planters and planting herbs in pots for the cooks to use in the food for the children.









Children were provided snacks, lunch, and dinner which was prepared on-site. Nutrition has improved since the last visit and this is evident in the kids’ health. 


Most of our time was spent interacting with the children. Activities included puzzles, bubbles, soccer game, playing on playground equipment, Simon Says, catch, hide and seek, and jumping rope.


We ended our day with the bible story of Young Jesus in the Temple. His friends and family thought He was lost, but He was in His Father’s House.

We are lost, but Jesus opens His loving arms and invites us into His Presence.

The team asks for your continued prayers for perseverance, energy, and strength.

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