Progress Report 2017-19 FINAL.

At our March 25, 2019 Voters’ Meeting, our ministry leadership team shared this report.  It is

designed to provide the congregation with progress made in the current planning cycle

through March 2019.  Work on targets from this planning cycle will continue through June

2019 when the leadership of the congregation will establish new targets for the 2019-20

cycle.  To read in its entirety, click the link above. 


Zion Lutheran Church and School sets major targets and supporting goals every twenty-four months for the purpose of giving direction to the ministries of the congregation.  This is a summary of these targets and goals which guide our work beginning in October 2017 thru September 2019.


Goal # 1 (L) Learning for the sake of improving the effectiveness of our ministry.             

                Learning Targets

  1. We will evaluate our current ministry structure and adjust to assure we are using our personnel effectively in reaching our mission.
  2. We will explore the breadth of our knowledge of our membership and set a plan in place to broaden our base of relationships.
  3. We will evaluate our total Bible Study program, determine who is and who is not being served, and adjust to increase involvement.
  4. We will initiate a rotating curriculum and delivery system in our Sunday School ministry.
  5. We will study our latest demographic data to gain a better understanding of the ministry opportunities in our immediate community.
  6. We will clarify the intent of our Milestone ministry and restructure what is offered through this program to equip and meet the needs of our families.
  7. We will expand our ministry to small groups so as to build stronger relationships for those not currently served.
  8. We will study the patterns of involvement in ministry of our new members and determine steps needed to increase that involvement.
  9. We will be purposeful in familiarizing our membership with the promises included in our mission statement and clarify their meaning for all.
  10. We will begin the processes required for our next school accreditation cycle.


Goals # 2 (G) Growing to broaden our impact in our community.

                Growing Targets:

  1. We will evaluate and adjust the pastoral visitation ministry to make in more comprehensive in it service to those in need.  
  2. We will adjust our Higher Education and Bible Study ministries and adjust offerings to meet a wider range of people.
  3. We will establish a process for sending our members on mission trips to Laguna, Belize.
  4. We will broaden Zion’s “footprint” in the immediate community to serve more people in our local neighborhood through our church and school programs.
  5. We will complete the transition into our plan for the Confirmation Ministry begun in our last planning cycle.
  6. We will increase our physical involvement with the Ephratha ministry in St. Louis City.
  7. We will focus on family engagement in our Early Childhood ministry in order to increase the sense of belonging in those families.
  8. We will systematically make contacts to our members for the purpose of increasing a sense of belonging to the Zion Family.
  9. We will participate in the Missouri District Plus One initiative by establishing one new outreach ministry in our community.
  10. We will discover new techniques for communicating outreach opportunities with our members to increase involvement.
  11. We will increase our all-staff experiences to further deepen the professional relationships among our school and church staff members.
  12. We will, through our Elders, develop a standard operating procedure regarding ministry to those who are delinquent in their worship patterns at Zion.
  13. We will explore ways to broaden the teaching roles of our DCE’s in the school religion offerings.
  14. We will evaluate our repertoire of music and performances with hope of increasing participation by all ages.
  15. We will strengthen the relationship between our junior high and senior high youth programs aimed at increased involvement at both levels.
  16. We will broaden our youth event offerings to include youth of our sister congregations.







Goals # 3  (S) Supporting to use our tools for ministry more efficiently.

                Supporting Targets:

  1. We will support Lutheran High’s Board in their effort to expand and improve the facilities at the school.
  2. We will select and induct a Facilities Coordinator by Fall 2017.
  3. We will complete changes to our physical plant to make it more purposeful and inviting (Welcome Center, Fellowship Hall, Commons, etc.)
  4. We will develop a 3-year plan for expanding the Zion Endowment ministry.
  5. We will support two foreign missionaries and their families with regular prayer and financial resources.
  6. We will upgrade the video systems in our sanctuary and the audio system in the Family Life Center.
  7. We will complete a staffing study to project the staffing needs at Zion over the next five years.
  8. We will communicate changes in attendance patterns of members to our Elders utilizing our data-base program.
  9. We will develop a “statement of beliefs” to be embraced by our staff as a way of protecting our ministries.
  10. We will develop and implement a plan for a new dramatic entry sign for our east entry way.


In addition to the targets listed above which define new activities, the following will be continued from our last planning cycle

We will continue to:

  1. Deepen staff relationships through staff Bible Studies and social events designed for staff and their families.
  2. Grow our program designed to welcome new members into the Zion family and engage them in ministry.
  3. Provide regular updates to the membership regarding ministry opportunities and successes of ministry teams so as to broaden the general knowledge of Zion’s ministry team work.
  4. Incorporate new settings into our worship liturgies and musical selections.
  5. Build a reserve fund for the purpose of replacement and updating of our equipment and facilities.
  6. Revise our annual stewardship emphasis program to maintain it relevance.
  7. Offer a diverse program of study through our Higher Education ministry aimed at maintaining and growing participation.