crossesZion offers opportunities to be involved in the many activities needed to make a large congregation function efficiently and effectively. Those with business, financial, technical, gardening, and restoration gifts will find a place in this area.

Cemetery Team – The Cemetery Team maintains the cemetery grounds, stakes out the graves, sells grave spaces, and manages the Perpetual Care Fund.


Church Décor Team – Zion’s church building is decorated by this team. Members of the team are interested in creating and completing projects which involve painting areas, designing displays, and decorating the church building outside of the sanctuary.


Cornerstone Library Team – Zion Cornerstone Library is open whenever the church building is open. Stop by to see the resources we have—over 2,000 items, including a large collection of Martin Luther’s works. A catalog of the library’s items is available online.
Zion’s Cornerstone Library Catalog

Instructions for self checkout and accessing the catalog are located in the library. We accept gifts of new and gently used Christian books, videotapes, and Bible studies, subject to the approval of the library team.


Counting Teams – Zion is blessed to have two teams of volunteers who count financial contributions gathered during weekend, holiday, and special services. The efforts of these teams are of great assistance to the Church Business Office.


Endowment Fund – The Endowment Fund has three purposes: 1) To provide financial assistance for children to attend Zion School, Lutheran High School, or one of the LCMS universities or seminaries to prepare for full-time church work; 2) to provide start-up funding for new ministries at Zion; 3) to provide funds for capital improvements at Zion. The Endowment Team encourages you to make a gift now or to bless this ministry with an estate gift. Only interest and capital gains may be withdrawn so the principal remains intact to continue providing resources for many years to come.


Facilities Team – The goal of the Facilities Team is to provide care of the various buildings and grounds that serve Zion in her ministry efforts. This group addresses needs through a structured procedure designed to communicate clearly and effectively. Volunteers are utilized to assist in repairs whenever possible.


Garden Tenders –  This team of members assists with the care of plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees on Zion’s Campus. They plant, weed, and feed as needed. If you have a “green thumb,” your assistance will help to keep Zion’s campus looking beautiful.


Kitchen Team – The purpose of the Kitchen Team is to insure general upkeep and maintenance of the kitchen. Volunteers are needed throughout the year to assist the team in its efforts.


Memorial Team – Memorials to honor relatives and friends who have passed away, as well as thank offerings on the occasion of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. are encouraged. The Memorial Team solicits a list of needed items for our ministry at Zion and periodically publishes the list available for adoption by members. Contact the church office for a copy. Memorial gifts are recognized in a Memorial Book located in the Welcome Center which lists the gift, the donor, and the person(s) memorialized.


Sausage Supper Team – Zion annually holds a sausage supper for the community during the third weekend in February. Zion’s members join hands in this effort which involves cutting, grinding, and smoking pork sausage and then serving this meal to approximately 2000-2300 people. The Sausage Supper Team plans this event and coordinates the efforts of members who cook, serve, and administer the supper.


Technology Team – The Technology Team is a small group of volunteers who service and maintain Zion’s computer systems, website, and network. The team meets as needed.


Transfer the Blessings – Transfer the Blessings is a ministry designed to assist members in their Christian estate planning. Wills, Minor’s Trusts, Living Trusts, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, Durable Power of Attorney for Health and Finances, and other strategies are explained. Passing on the blessings given to us by God is a way of creating a legacy for heirs and your favorite ministries. There is no cost to you for creating your Lifetime Plan for Giving and no products are endorsed or sold. For More Info>