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Zion works toward supporting our community through financial assistance when needed and programs through which the congregation may share their treasures.  Currently our main two programs consist of The Giving Tree and the School a supply a Drive. We hop to expand our outreach and add additional programs as the ministry team grows.


The ministry team is welcoming new members to help with the organization and distribution associated with our outreach programs. We would love to see this ministry grow adding others with giving hearts!


Please contact Julie Feld if you are interested or with questions.


  • What benefits to members receive through participating? Fellowship/ Building Relationships, Opportunities to Serve, Opportunities to Share God’s Gifts, Opportunities to help others
  • Who is invited to participate? Anyone with a giving heart is invited to either donate during drives or join the outreach committee to help organize.
  • What levels of participation are available? A broad range is offered from minimal through bi-annual donations to active in the organization of these programs which is currently heaver in July/August and in mid-October-December.
  • What is the time commitment? Participation is seasonal and the commitment is flexible based on your availability.
  • Are there any costs associated with participating? This ministry is based on generous donations from the congregation. Donations are always voluntary.
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