Bible Study

Jesus Resurrected!

Often overlooked in our lectionary readings are the accounts of Jesus that take place

after Easter is over. Join the pastors this May and June to look at eight separate

accounts of “Jesus Resurrected.”

We’ll consider whether the apostle Mark originally included any scenes of Jesus in a

resurrected state at all! We’ll examine rumors that circulated surrounding the

“disappearance” of the body of Jesus. We’ll watch disciples’ hearts burn within them as

Jesus explains all that had been prophesied and now come to pass in Him. We’ll see

the disciples place their hands in Jesus’ very wounds from the crucifixion, and even

look in on the moment when Jesus uses His own beath to breath the very promised

Holy Spirit into the hearts of the apostles whom He sends out into the world to be His


Do not disbelieve, but believe: you won’t want to miss: Jesus Resurrected!

Topics Examined:

The “Added” Ending of Mark’s Gospel

The Body of Jesus—Stolen?

The Road to Emmaus

Jesus Breathes Out the Holy Spirit

Jesus Appears to His Disciples in the Upper Room

Jesus Shows Doubting Thomas His Hands and His Side

Jesus Appears to the Disciples by the Sea

Jesus Reinstates the Apostle Peter