Bible Study

Taking Social Justice Captive to Christ

Join Pastor Fieberkorn in January and February for 7 weeks as together we sort through

modern notions of social justice, undoubtedly THE hottest topic in society, and perhaps

even our churches, today. We’ll examine this ideology in light of Scripture—and, per the

admonition of St. Paul, ensure we “take our every thought captive to obey Christ!”

(2 Corinthians 10:5).


The lessons will be recorded and posted here:

January 2 – Lesson One> 

January 2 – 1_Biblical Social Justice_OUTLINE (Handout)


January 9 – Lesson Two recording>   

January 9 – 2_Classic Justice_OUTLINE (Handout)


January 16 – Lesson Three recording>

January 16 – 3_Economic Justice_OUTLINE (Handout)

Responding to Social Justice and Critical Race Theory_Rev. Dr. Lucas V. Woodford


January 23 – Lesson Four recording>

4_Racial Justice_CSJ and CRT_OUTLINE (Handout)