Adult Ministries

Adult Ministries include those ministries that support us in our day-to-day faith walk. Opportunities abound to study God’s Word at Zion and put what we learn into action. 
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Worship & Music Ministries

Zion offers many opportunities for members to be involved in the Worship and Music Ministry area. Members with gifts in many areas of music, audio-visual talents, and the desire to provide the services which enhance our worship, are invited to join one or more of the many ministry teams available in this area. Zion is blessed with choirs, hand-bells and instrumental ensembles that provide leadership for worship. Over 150 people participate in the twelve groups that make up the music department. In addition, a special concert series called Music at Zion is offered to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the greater community. More than 100 members each week are involved in worship support ministries such as altar guild, ushering and greeting.
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Children & Family Ministries

Zion cherishes children. Zion is committed to inspire and nurture a loving desire and growing knowledge of God’s Word and the Holy Gospel with application and action. Zion Lutheran School offers programs for students beginning with preschoolers ages 3 and 4, and continues through 8th grade. Zion’s growing Parent’s Day Out program offers care for children from 12 to 48 months. The curriculum is followed in the program along with God’s love being modeled and taught. Accreditation is held from National Lutheran School accreditation, as well as Missouri Non-public Accreditation. Caring and loving teachers in small class sizes make Zion Lutheran School a wonderful place to learn of Jesus’ love, as well as ABC’s.
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Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Zion is a member of the St. Charles Lutheran High School Association and supports member teens as they attend LHS-St. Charles.Sr. High ministry organizes our Sr. High youth around Bible studies, outreach events, and recreational events.
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Connections Ministries

For those who are interested in understanding the Christian faith as the Missouri Synod Lutherans teach it, or wish to join Zion congregation, 101 classes are offered several times each year. The Connections Ministry is committed to welcoming new members into its congregation, connecting new members with active members of Zion. There are Adult Information Classes (101) for those who are interested in understanding the Christian faith as the Missouri Synod Lutherans teach it, or wishing to join Zion congregation.
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Support Ministries

Zion offers opportunities to be involved in the many activities needed to make a large congregation function efficiently and effectively. Zion has professionals on staff that serve as leaders of the administrative and support ministries. The business manager, church administrator, and facilities manager oversee business and financial functions of the congregation, provide leadership for planning, compile data to indicate progress and projections, develop procedures and policies, coordinate facility maintenance and ensure smooth operation of the congregation.

Ministry teams of lay individuals work in the Administrative/Support area and carry out many functions in the ministry. Zion members are encouraged to be a part of this ministry area as their talents and gifts can be utilized in any of the ministry teams.
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