Zion is Family. Like all families, the best way to be connected is to spend time together. We value time together spent in worship, in bible study and taking part in ministry.

Worship allows us to rest from the challenges of everyday life and participate in a conversation with Him. We use this time to be set apart from the world and enjoy being around other people of like faith. We hear his words to us as spoken through His Word and are united with Him in His sacraments.

Bible Study further equips and strengthens us in our lives. God’s changes us through His Word.  As we dedicate ourselves to further study into His Word, God matures and strengthens our faith, preparing us for the challenges of living out our faith in a sinful world.

Participation in the church’s ministry benefits us in many ways. It help us to think outside of ourselves. It allows us to give our God-given time, talents and treasures back to Him. It allows us to be a part of the ministry of the church. Finally, it gives us opportunities to connect to others within our church family and create lasting, meaningful relationships.

Where do you fit?

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Looking to get involved? We can help! Check out the suggestions below, or set up a meeting with Pastor Fieberkorn or Pastor Rouland to get ideas. 

Consider what moves you..

“I want to grow in God’s Word with other Christians.”

“I want to share my gifts and talents.”

“I want to feel helpful.”

“I want to build relationships within my church.”

“I want to get involved in outreach and missions.”

“I want to learn about more ways to share my treasures.”