Register for Women’s Bible Study



We warmly invite  you to our 2022-23 study of Esther, Peter, and Jude. We look forward to


sharing time in God’s Word with you Classes begin on August 31/September 01, 2022, and


they will end on May 3/May 4, 2023.  Participants may register at any time during the year


and join any of the classes above.  The workbooks contain a schedule of class dates and


lessons for each week. 


If Zion School is not meeting, WBS will not meet that day– to accommodate the


moms/grandmoms in our classes.  All morning, afternoon, and evening classes cover the


same weekly lessons.  The Children’s class covers the same Biblical concept that adult


classes are studying that week… in an age-appropriate manner. 


The class fee is $25.00 per adult class member.  There is no separate fee for the Children’s


Program.  Please bring your class fee to the first class you attend.  We prefer cash, but we


will also accept a check to Zion Lutheran Church (WBS Class Fee in the memo line).  You will


receive your workbook at the first class meeting you attend.