2021 Daily Devotions

With the new year we are reinstating the practice of providing short daily devotion videos  four days a week.


These will be recorded Mon-Thur each week, and you can look forward to the following topics each day:


Monday: “Morning Psalm Monday” — begin each Monday with Pastor Fieberkorn with a

look ahead at next Sunday’s Psalm! What a great start to the week!


Tuesday: “Bible Teaching Tuesday” — one of the pastor’s will look at a brief Bible teaching

from a verse in the upcoming Sunday Epistle Lesson.


Wednesday: “Words of Wisdom Wednesday” — Listen in with Pastor Rouland each

Wednesday to hear a word of wisdom from Proverbs, written by Solomon, the wisest man to ever live!


Thursday: “Gospel Preview Thursday” — this day will feature one of the pastors providing a

brief preview of the coming Sunday’s Gospel theme, preparing your heart and mind for weekend worship!


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