Family At-Home Worship Services

We know some of you are continuing to use the daily home worship devotions that have been being provided during the time of our hiatus from in-person worship. As we anticipate returning to worship in the near future, rather than simply discontinue this, we want to point you towards a resource that is already developed: the Daily Lectionary resource from our hymnals on pages 299-304. It will carry you into Summer 2020 and beyond!

A link below will take you to the devotion template your are familiar with from week’s past, and included in the section for readings is a link to the Daily Lectionary readings (Note: Psalm Table is at the end of the assigned readings).

As our Lenten and Easter devotional booklets conclude, if you seek to continue the habit of a daily devotion, consider one or more readings form the Daily Lectionary to keep you in contact with God’s Word each day moving forward!

Home Worship Devotion Service:

Daily Lectionary from LSB: