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Focus on Jesus

December 21: If you are ever around a fire pit with me I will ask you THE survey question.  “Do you watch the bottom of the fire, or do you watch the top of the fire?”  I have kept an informal record of the answers to this survey, and 98% of people watch the bottom of the fire.  To be honest, I might be the only one that enjoys watching the top of the fire.  There are a few that will not commit and say both.

I know it is the Christmas season, and we are focused in on Jesus, the Son of the Trinity.  Although it makes me think of the Holy Spirit of the Trinity.  The top of the fire shows action and movement, which is what we need to spread the news that the Savior of the world has been born.  During this busy celebration season, still take time to look for a chance to spread the Good News of that baby being born.  Maybe you can do it while sitting around a fire pit asking some crazy survey question.

Milage Club

Many of our First through Fourth Grade students have continued to walk laps during their lunch recesses. Almost all of our First Graders have earned their Silver footie, many have earned their Gold footie, and a few have already earned their Super Sized footie. 

World Sport Stacking Day

A message from the World Sport Stacking Association, “A huge thank-you to each of the 624,390 stackers, 2,833 schools and organizations from 25 countries that took part in World Sport Stacking Day on November 8, 2018. It was a close one this year, but you and your schools came through to help push us past the previous record of 622,809.” Zion had 321 students and adults participate on this record setting day.

Practice and Dedication

December 7 – Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing many of our students sing in several different services.  The Preschoolers sang on Saturday and Sunday during our regular worship services and the 5th thru 8th grade choirs took part in the service of Lessons and Carols.   It was obvious that the students had prepared and rehearsed in order to enhance the worship services.

The success of any group, whether it be music, academics or sports, depends on the practice and dedication of the individuals in the group.  It can be difficult to prepare for events, but the preparation can make a performance so enjoyable for others and for the performer.  This is a good life lesson.  If we can get anywhere close to our potential in whatever we do in life, it will take practice and dedication. 


November 9 – The last half day of school, Wednesday, October 31st, Zion teachers heard from a member of Homeland Security about school safety.  He walked the campus in the morning with administration and pointed out a few ideas we could incorporate into our school safety plan.  Overall, he was pleased with the thought Zion has put into safety and the proactive approach we have taken to anticipate situations that may arise.

The teachers heard about intruder situations, things to watch for and some thoughts on what we could do in those situations.  What an enlightening time we spent hearing about and discussing these complex topics.  We will continue the discussion with faculty about what drills need to be conducted, and how to make Zion the safest we can, as we continue to provide a top-notch education along the way.

Muffins for Moms

Please join us for Muffins for Moms on Wednesday, November 7th from 7 – 8 am for a School Celebration to honor our K-8 student’s moms. Come enjoy muffins, donuts, fruit, and coffee in the fellowship hall, basement of church and join your child(ren) for Chapel if you are able.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week will be October 22 – 26.  This is the week that people and communities unite and take a visible stand against substance abuse.  Show your personal commitment to a drug-free and healthy lifestyle through the symbol of the Red Ribbon and these fun dress days.
 *Regular dress code applies to all dress days except for the special day’s theme
Monday: Election Day – elect to be healthy – (wear red, white, and blue t-shirt, with school dress bottoms)
Tuesday: Sports Day – Team up against drugs (wear fav. sports team shirt)

Wednesday: Calling Drew’s Avengers! – Superhero Day – wear superhero shirt and regular dress bottoms (be super by making healthy choices)

                                 Banner/Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 4.00.47 PM.jpg
On Wednesday, October 24 we will be having a special offering collection of super hero items to honor Drew Albrittons’ 9th birthday.  Drew was a preschooler here at Zion who bravely fought cancer and now is with the biggest superhero of all, Jesus! 
Please bring your superhero items to chapel on Wednesday October 24.
Action figures, costumes, toys, movies, backpacks, Lego sets, video games, shirts, or any items with a super hero theme are all welcome.
Thursday: Crazy Hair Day – We are crazy about being drug free (wear your hair crazy)
Friday: Spirit Day (Jeans, Spirit shirt)

Make me a Servant

October 12: 

Make me a servant Humble and Meek

Lord, let me lift up those who are week.

And may the prayer of my heart always be:

Make me a servant, make me a servant,

Make me a servant today


This short, to the point song make a lot of sense to me.  The faculty sings this after each faculty meeting, it is meant to bind us together for a common goal.  Everyone should, and can, look to serve others.  Even the smallest things can make a difference.  Putting others first, opening doors for others, picking up after yourself, pulling forward next to the main building in the drop off line, giving the best seats to families with small children….wow so many ways to serve.  The main way is to NOT get hung up on the convenience of our own lives, but live to make other lives convenient.  A servant heart is a way of looking outside yourself instead of inside yourself.

What’s happening at Zion

  • Two soccer teams with kids from 5th-8th grades are playing their season against local Lutheran Schools. Their home field is at Lutheran High.
  • Four volleyball teams made up of girls from 5th – 8th grades are playing their seasons. Games and tournaments fill the schedule.
  • Cross Country continues to practice and run well in meets. Kids from 1st – 8th grades make up this team.
  • Student Council meets once per week. 6th – 8th graders are getting ready for Red Ribbon Week and will plan the winter dance soon.
  • A group of 7th and 8th graders are meeting twice a month to learn drama and acting skills. The group is co-led by former Zion student now in high school.
  • Trunk or Treat is just around the corner on Friday, October 12. An early childhood event will take place as well as the usual event with food trucks and bounce houses in the church parking lot.
  • The Bobcat Shuffle, a 5K or mile walk/run, takes place on October 27th at Legacy Park in Cottleville.
  • PTL sponsored a parent education night on bullying, cyberbullying and issues concerning kids today. The speaker then spoke with the 6th -8th  graders the next day during school.  The program was very well received.
  • Accreditation self-study continues with surveys sent home to parents last weekend. Many more questions will be answered by faculty and staff in the coming months.
  • Kids hear of God’s love, forgiveness and Bible stories each and every day!!