March 8:

This year is a re-accreditation year at Zion Lutheran School, so the school year has been filled with self-study, preparation and writing strategic plans. The validation team comes on April 4th and 5th to review our work and validate the strategic action plan set forth for the next 5 years. One part of the self-study was a parent survey taken this past fall. Having a chance to rate each question from 0 to 4 with 4 being the highest, an overwhelming amount of questions received over 90% of answers in the 3 and 4 rating from our parents. Zion was rated by parents at 98% for Congregation celebration and support, facilities to enhance learning and 96% said Christ is the center for all we do or the focus is on student success.

Our lowest ratings came in what has been communicated or shared with parents. Parents shared 72% understood or agreed with the discipline code. 77% knew about or had heard about safety training teachers and students had received. The communication of such topics will be covered in Zion’s strategic action plan developed because of the accreditation work.

Learning and becoming a better school is what this process is all about. It is good to use surveys as well as other tools to learn how Zion can grow as a school and reach more and more people with the Gospel.