School Marketing

September 28: The strength of Zion Lutheran Church and School marketing can be found in all of you.  Parents, Grandparents and congregation members do a wonderful job of telling the story of Zion to others that they meet.  The majority of people contacting Zion school for information do so because someone had a positive story to tell about Zion.

Keep up the good work!!  It is really good to hear from people you know and trust when trying to make a significant decision about a school or church.  If you have any questions, or want information to share with others, please contact the school office.  Remember it is an 18 to 18 opportunity for school.  From 18 months at Zion to 18 years of age at Lutheran High, you will receive a quality, disciplined and family oriented education.  It is good to see so many wanting to be a part of the Zion family.