Sure Things in Life

April 13: “Death and taxes.”  You might have heard that phrase before as being the only two sure things in life.  I am sure there are other thoughts you might have right now, and several jokes.  I guess that might be true here on earth, but as you know there is so much more that can be a part of our lives, than just here on earth.

Zion Lutheran School works each day with young people teaching so many things.  The trust and assurance of Jesus Christ are a part of those things.  We are a unique school that can minister to families, and live out the Gospel each day all day.  What a blessing to have such a place right here in our own back yard.

I am glad that my taxes are prepared, signed and sent into Uncle Sam.  I am really glad that the preparation of hearing and living out the Gospel continues throughout the year, all day, every day.