Open House Success

January 26: New families hear about Zion church and school from friends and relatives, that is nothing new.  It just makes sense, when making an important choice like where to attend school, trusted advice is needed.  Thus the reason why this space is filled with encouragement to share your testimony about Zion.

Last Sunday, Zion held their yearly open house.  Just over 60 families attended (usually 35-40 families have attended in the past).  Twenty tour guides kept busy all afternoon showing and telling about Zion.  Teachers were on hand with answers to so many questions.  A large percentage of those visiting enrolled, some of them knowing it is only a name on a waiting list. If you are interested in enrolling, please call as certain days might be open in early childhood.  The elementary classes continue to see growth.

Most visitors were here because they heard another’s story of what Zion meant to them.  Visitors want to have that kind of experience also.  Thanks for your prayers for the event, thanks for your encouragement to so many that they too need to hear the Good News!!