Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week will be October 23 – 27.  This is the week that people and communities unite and take a visible stand against substance abuse.  Show your personal commitment to a drug-free and healthy lifestyle through the symbol of the Red Ribbon and these fun dress days.
 *Regular dress code applies to all dress days except for the special day’s theme
Monday: Messy Hair day, Messy hair don’t care about drugs. The students can come to school with messy hair.
Tuesday: Twin Day, Keep your double out of trouble. You can wear the same shirt or color as your friend.
Wednesday: Calling Drew’s Avengers! – Wear a Super Hero Shirt and jeans

This year we are collecting Chapel offerings to support Friends of Kids with Cancer.  On Wednesday, October 25 we will be having a special offering collection of super hero items to honor Drew Albrittons’ 8th birthday.  Drew was a preschooler here at Zion who bravely fought cancer and now is with the biggest superhero of all, Jesus! 
Please bring your superhero items to chapel on Wednesday October 25.
Action figures, costumes, toys, movies, backpacks, Lego sets, video games, shirts, or any items with a super hero theme are all welcome.
Thursday: Lumberjack day, Chop drugs out of your life. Wear a flannel shirt.
Friday: Red Day, In Christ I Stand, against drugs. Spirit shirt and jeans.