Spirit Day

February 17: This past Friday was spirit day at Zion.  That means the kids and teachers could wear t-shirts to school.  Shirts from Zion, Lutheran High, VBS, Bobcat Shuffle, teams they have participated on, robotics and anything else with a Christian message.  Spirit day was designed by a teacher a few years ago when we started standardized dress.  It was really just an excuse to dress down a little each month.

What it means is that we have school spirit, that we all believe in the Triune God, that we are one family as a school and one family as Christians.  It means we will be helpful to others, we will enjoy our teachers and classmates, and will work to speak well of them always.  Spirit day means that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and it is wonderful to celebrate that every Sunday, but….how thankful we are that we can celebrate that every second of everyday.

Seems like a small thing, this Spirit day, but it is really one of the biggest day of each month.