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Are Clowns Real?

(With the recent development of “fake news” articles being portrayed to look as real stories we have talked about distinguishing between real and fake news.  Below is a fake news article written by one of our students.  Just to clarify nothing in this story is real.  This story has been fabricated).


One question some might ask is what exactly are clowns? The definition of a clown is a comic entertainer, especially one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated make up. It is interesting that a clown is considered an entertainer and not a terrifying being.


In St. Charles Missouri there has been numerous children disappearing from their homes, not returning, all without any evidence or bodies found. Until today when Sophia Von Schneider told the sheriff’s department that she saw a red figure run across her yard after her neighbors child went missing. After hearing the eye witness account from Sophia Von Schneider they went to investigate the neighbor’s yard once again. While investigating, Sheriff Clay found a small piece of paper sticking out of the ground right next to the window of the little girl’s bedroom, who went missing. On the paper was a riddle that said “Some call me big red, who am I to perform I can be found humorous. Have fun trying to find me it could be dark and gloomy.”


After finding this mysterious note they handed it over to the FBI to try and trace any fingerprints, they ended up not finding any trace of the person who wrote the note. Further into the neighborhood as the police were driving by, Sheriff Clay found another piece of evidence next to the sewer, it was a piece of red curly hair. They took it to the FBI and put it next to the riddle the red piece of hair seemed to come from a wig. The riddle said “you can find me it could be dark and gloomy” like a sewer. The riddle also said “some call me big red” like the piece of hair, which was red.


The next day the FBI and Sheriff Clay decided to go down in the sewers while they were in the sewers they started to hear music playing from a distance. The music sounded like someone was winding up a jack-in-the-box toy. They slowly and quietly tried to follow the music through the dark and gloomy sewers. They then reached the music which was playing from the jack-in-the-box but no one was there. Then a few seconds later the doll popped out of the box and even frightened the FBI. They carefully took the jack-in-the-box apart and found another note. They now knew  for sure that whoever has been kidnapping all of these kids was definitely making it a game. The note said “your getting closer find me near an upcoming circus…here comes my performance :).”


They took the jack-in-the-box as evidence and went back to the office to look up upcoming circus shows. They found a circus show coming Friday night at the Scottrade Center. Friday came and they had police officers on guard around the whole Scottrade Center and had double security inside. They split up trying to get through the crowd of people to try and find the mysterious kidnapper of all these kids. They decided to go backstage and interview some of the people in the circus in effort to try and find the kidnapper. Backstage Sheriff Clay heard a loud a murderous scream, he went running towards it and got to a room with the door locked. He tried to open it but couldn’t, he found a big prop from the circus and rammed it into the door until it finally opened. Inside he found 10 kids knocked out lying on the ground and a wig and clown costume hanging on a rack. He found a note in the pocket of the costume and it said “congratulations.” Once the kids woke up they didn’t remember a single thing besides waking up on the ground backstage. No one knows where the clown went.

Image result for clown costume on a rack

Written by Isabella W.



Zion’s Auction

On April 7, Zion will be holding their annual auction. We interviewed Mrs. Beaty to find out more about this event. It will be held on April 7, at Old Hickory Golf Club.  The doors will open at 5:00, dinner will be served at 6:30, and the oral auction will begin at 7:30. The auction usually brings in around $30,000. These funds are used to better Zion academically, socially, economically, and athletically.  The money has been used in the past to get better playground equipment, technology, and other needs of the school. The main thing the money has gone towards has been Investing in Education program. Investing in Education is giving money to those families that need help with tuition at Zion and possibly Lutheran High. This year the money will be going to remodeling the locker rooms, which need drastic improvement. Since this year is the 20th anniversary of the auction, Mr. Brackman, our former principal, will be the honorary guest.  We strongly recommend that you attend this fun and exciting event.IMG_0113


By Koryn V. and Emma J.

Grandparents day 2017!

Grandparents day was held last Thursday and Friday for the students of Zion. The activities started Wednesday when the annual book fair was set up in the commons for the kids to enjoy and shop for new books. Thursday was the kickoff to Grandparents Day when the preschool had their grandparents and special friends join them for games, crafts, and other fun activities. Grades 1-8 had their Grandparents day and started off the morning with coffee, muffins, and a welcoming video presentation. Mrs. Beaty and her class were a huge help in this day with serving the grandparents and special friends in the morning and aiding the special guests around campus all day. The activities continued into the afternoon with crafts, photo booths, games, and other fun events and activities.




We ended a wonderful day by gathering together for chapel led by Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Cluck’s 7th grade classes. They gave a wonderful message about God’s love for us and performed sign language to the song “Amazing Love” (link at bottom of post.) A very big thank you to all the grandparents and special guests that joined us at Zion!! We can not wait to see everyone again next year!!  By: Madi N, Jillian B, and Julie W.


Link to “Amazing Love” 7th grade sign language :

Bobcats Journey to State

Our highlight story of the week is Zion travels to LSAM state basketball. LSAM state basketball is a basketball tournament and organization to bring teams together in fellowship and playing.  State is a big accomplishment to be able to play, win, and bond as a team. We’ve spent time interviewing some state participants to see their perspective on how state works and about their experience.


Our first player we interviewed was 8th grader Koryn V…

Q: What did you feel when you found out you were going to state?
A:  “Happy excited.”


Q:  What did you experience while playing?
A:  “ Mad at some players, but happy when they won, even when they lost it was a chance to get better”.


Q:  Did you get to know your teammates better? Coaches?
A:  “yes.” What’s your favorite part of state? “playing the games.”


 We interviewed our second basketball player 8th grader Landon K….

Q:  What did u feel when you found out you were going to state

A:  “Excited to get another chance to compete at state.”


Q:  What did you experience while playing?
A:  “A loud atmosphere of fans cheering and a very supportive group.”


Q:  Did you get to know your teammates better? Coaches?
A:  “Yes.”


Q:  What is your favorite part of state?
A:  “Getting to compete with my teammates and sharing my past experiences with them.”


Q:  How has state affected you?A:  “It has taught me to be a better leader on and off court to less experienced teammates.” 



Our third interview was with cheerleader 8th grader Isabella W…

Q:  What did you feel when you found out your were going to state?
A:  “Excited to be able to go for my last year.”


Q:  What did you experience while playing?
A:  “The loud atmosphere and love through the crowd support with the intense games.”


Q:  Did you get to know your teammates better? Coaches?
A:  “Yes, created a strong bond with the other cheerleaders.”


Q:  What was your favorite part of state?
A:  “Hearing the crowd support the cheerleaders during halftime performances and quarter cheers.”


Q:  How has state affected you?
A:  “State has made me create a better bond with the other cheerleaders and basketball players for the past four years, creating fun memories and watching exciting games, and watching the basketball players win two state championships”.


We had an exciting time interviewing these participants from state and getting to know all the memories they share and friendships built upon this event.


Written by: Taylor C, Julia F, Isabella W.