August 25-27. 2017

Lake Williamson Christian Center
We hope you can join us!


Join us for a weekend away to RECONNECT with God’s Kingdom through fun fellowship with other women of faith; RELAX with some much needed time away from everyday responsibilities; and RENEW our faith through topical Bible study. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to set aside some time to focus on your faith and to get to know other Christian women from our church, as well as neighboring churches, and the community, helping you to feel more connected.


This year we will hear from a variety of women from Zion and Chapel of the Cross  who will share their insights about the book, Keep It Shut, by Karen Ehman.


Got words? Oh yeah, you do! The average woman speaks over 20,000 words a day–not to mention the ones she types online. Karen Ehman–a women whose words have often landed her in a heap of trouble–shares from experience the hows’s (and how-not-to’s) of dealing with the tough in her book Keep It Shut. Using Biblical examples as well as personal (and sometimes painful) stories, Keep It Shut will equip you to know what to say, how best to say it, and when you’d better just keep your lips zipped! 

We will learn: 

  • The difference between gossip and properly processing with a trusted friend. 
  • A helpful grid for using our digital tongues as we talk online or on social media
  • How to pause before you pounce, attacking the problem but not the person.
  • How to avoid saying something permanently painful just because you are temporarily ticked off
  • What the Bible teaches about making our speech laced with grace, as sweet as honey, and yet seasoned with salt

Along with traveling to a new retreat center, comes fun new activities!   We will still offer Zumba, but this year we get to try it in the dark in the black-light gym! They offer many paddle boats and a fun water slide at the lake. We will be able to try out an “escape room”. There are also several indoor and outdoor games and activities available. We will still offer volleyball and choir, as well as opportunities for prayer and quiet time. Finally, we will again have a professional masseuses on campus! You may sign up ahead of time to purchase a 15, 30 or 60 minute massage. For more information, Click Here>

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do at the retreat? ……………………………………………….The retreat balances faith building and fun. We strive to offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for a “girls weekend” or some quiet time away. To view this year’s Retreat Agenda, CLICK HERE>


What do I need to know about registration policies? ………… REGISTER TODAY FOR THE 2017 RETREAT! Prices increase after August 13th, and retreat registration closes on August 20. To view important details regarding registration, CLICK HERE>


What are the amenities at Lake Williamson Christian Center?……….This facility is an retreat center owned and operated by Assemblies of God. We will be staying in Williamson Lodge. These accomodations are motel-like–each room includes two double beds, 1 set of bunk beds and a bathroom. Click Here for more information and pictures.  All of our meals will be buffet style with multiple entrees, salad bar, dessert, etc. In addition to meeting rooms, there is also a two gyms, two racquetball courts, hot tub, disc golf, tennis, basketball, mini golf, blacklight sportsbeachfront, outdoor pool, indoor pool. Additional information and images may be found on the Lake Williamson Christian Center website: www.lakewilliamson.org


What if I don’t know anyone?……………………………………………….This is the perfect reason to come to the retreat! Relationships built at the retreat lead to lasting friendships for those who participate in our opportunities for fellowship. We mix up seating at each meal to help give opportunities to talk with new people. Fun gatherings like the wagon ride, fireside fellowship and bingo help us to break the ice and get to know one another better. Small group discussion during our bible studies help us to deepen our faith and these new friendships.


What if I don’t have a roommate? ……………………………………….The retreat committee will be happy to help match you with a roommate (or roommates), or you may choose to pay a little more to have a room to yourself.


Please direct any additional questions to Anna Lind at alind@zionharvester.org.