Sunday School is the place for your child to have Christian fellowship, learn to live out their faith, and grow in their learning of God’s Word. This ministry is open to all children ages 3 years old through 5th grade, and is set up from 9:30 to 10:15 AM on Sunday Mornings in Zion’s school.

Sunday School Teacher 2018-19 Mission Statement:

As Zion family and fellow teachers we desire to reach out to the public and private school children to teach them about Jesus in such a way that it does not resemble a typical classroom, but offers an exciting and enjoyable environment to grow in. We will do this by reiterating key points, emphasizing Bible stories by making them relevant, being activity-oriented, and by encouraging both children and family to share what they have learned in the home.


For more information, please contact Children’s Ministry Director, Bethany Andrews at