Zion Lutheran Church and School sets major targets and supporting goals every twenty-four months for the purpose of giving direction to the ministries of the congregation.  This is a summary of these targets and goals which guide our work beginning in October 2015 thru September 2017.


Deepening Our Relationships

We will:

  1. Develop purposeful activities aimed at engaging our entire staff in group study of the Word and strengthening spiritual and social relationships.  Managers:  Marolf and Thomason
  2. Focus on the members of the congregation in need of specialized care and provide ministries to meet their needs. Manager:  Reitz
  3. Enlarge our efforts to build connections through specific events among experienced members and our new members so that they become engaged in ministry together.  Manager: Reitz
  4. Partner with our sister congregations in St. Charles County to provide opportunity for deeper relationships among our youth to be built. Manager:  Hansen
  5. Focus our work on the transition of eighth grade students into our youth ministries so that they maintain their involvement in Zion into their high school years and beyond.    Manager: Hansen
  6. Highlight the perceptions of lay leaders for the congregation regarding individual ministry teams through our publications and visual presentations. Managers:  MLT
  7. Explore the feasibility of producing a podcast to the congregation on a regular basis aimed at encouraging and supporting our members. Manager:  Rouland
  8. Broaden our worship experience through the use of contemporary music under our current convergent worship philosophy. Manager:  Thoelke

Sharpening Our Tools

We will:

  1. Revise the “Welcome Center” and “Discipleship Two” spaces to make them more effective tools for our ministries. Managers:  CLC, Hugo
  2. Revise the “Sonshine Center” to assure it is a safe and appropriate for early childhood education. Managers:  CLC, Debrick, Haun
  3. Establish a fund to support our needs due to aging equipment and facilities.  Managers:  CLC
  4. Add additional signage to the front of the church facility which enhances our presentation to the community and provides clear directions for visitors.  Managers:  Rouland, Hansen
  5. Improve our website presence through a complete revision and maintenance process. Managers:  Helmkamp, Rouland

Keeping Good Order

We will:

  1. Address the staffing needs identified in the previous staffing study and SLT recommendations to meet the ongoing needs of our congregation in reaching our mission, targets and goals (Church Children’s Ministry, Facilities, School Admissions ).   Manager:  CLC
  2. Develop and approve a policy on marriage which addresses the social issues of our day. Managers:  Elders
  3. Complete a thorough and accurate revision of our data base to include the photos, interests, demographics, and ministry involvements of our congregation.     Managers:  Thomason, Wirkus
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of our three-service model.  Managers: Elders
  5. Place emphasis on the development of the Zion Endowment Fund. Managers:  Thomason, Debrick
  6. Develop and approve a policy which addresses safety issues that impact our Sunday worship and study time. Managers:  Elders, CLC, Hugo
  7. Review and revise our personnel assessment process to clarify procedures, streamline the activities, and improve effectiveness. Managers:   Personnel Review Team, Hugo
  8. Emphasize our current mission, values, and promises to our congregation to assure its freshness and broaden awareness. Manager:  Rouland
  9. Evaluate the impact of our Elder’s ministry support team program and revise where needed. Managers:  Elders
  10. Assesses the effectiveness of our annual stewardship campaign and revise where appropriate. Manager:  Rouland

Building our Knowledge

We will:

  1. Complete a comprehensive review of our school’s curriculum guides to assure optimal guidance for our teaching staff. Managers:  Debrick, Haun
  2. Provide in-service for our students, staff and parents on the use of social skills to build relationships and resolve conflicts. Managers:  Debrick, Hansen
  3. Enhance the capabilities of Zion school staff in using techniques which address multiple learning styles among our students. Managers:  Debrick, Haun
  4. Develop an association of alumni from our school in order to strengthen the ties of our graduates to our school. Managers:  SLT
  5. Enact revisions to our confirmation ministry designed to strengthen the Biblical knowledge base of our confirmation students. Managers:  Rouland, Reitz, Hansen
  6. Select and deliver a program of study for our Higher Education ministry to follow “Believe. Managers:  Higher Education Team
  7. Re-structure the early childhood offerings at Zion to facilitate a smoother transition for students and parents into the other ministries at Zion School and Church. Manager:  Haun
  8. Establish and lead an advisory team to coordinate children’s ministries in the church.Manager:  Andrews (June 2016
  9. Create a sense of a united children’s ministry in the church in order to enhance it perception in the congregation. Manager:  Andrews (June 2016)
  10. Review and revise the Sunday School Ministry to promote increased participation. Manager:  Andrews (June 2016)

Reaching Our Neighbors

We will:

  1. Establish funds for Zion staff members to use in cultivating relationships with new and potential members. Managers:  MLT/CLC
  2. Carry out a campaign to equip our members to be an active participant in reaching out to the community.  Manager:  Reitz
  3. Establish Zion’s active participation in the St. Matthew’s project in St. Louis City through financial support and volunteer activity. Manager:  Reitz
  4. Support the process to place a missionary into full-time service on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. Manager:  Rouland
  5. Adopt and support at least two missionaries to foreign countries. Manager:  Reitz
  6. Establish procedures and provide resources to our members aimed at making contact with new families that move into our neighborhoods to make them aware of the support Zion desires to provide. Manager:  Reitz