New Higher Ed Classes Begin January 5

Fellowship Hall A: “WRESTLING WITH the GOD of Scripture”


Led by Pastor Fieberkorn


Join us for a 5-week class that takes on the tough stories from Scripture—the Biblical accounts we’d probably rather like to ignore than contend with! The recently concluded “Tough Confirmation Questions” class took on some of our hardest questions and sought answers. This class complements that, but instead of addressing our questions, it addresses the God who confronts us in the pages of Scripture. Come “wrestle with the text” that describes God who permits man’s fall into sin, destroys the entire world in a flood, hardens Pharaoh’s heart, destines Judas for destruction, eradicates entire nations through genocide, and condemns unbelievers to an eternal fate in hell. “What kind of God is this?” we are prone to ask in despair? “How is this the same God who loves me and sent His Son to die for me?” If you’ve ever struggled with the God of Scripture, come wrestle with us as we seek answers to our deepest, and perhaps darkest questions about our God!



Family Life Center: “What Makes a Strong Woman?”


Led by DCE Aaron Hansen


We will once again venture into the world of DC comics with Wonder Woman.  Adults and ladies are strongly encouraged to attend this study, where we’ll take a look at this PG-13 rated film.  Gentlemen, don’t think this isn’t about you, too.  We’ll take a look at the differences between men and women and our role in their lives.  We’ll dive into what makes a strong woman of faith through the Old Testament with great women like Deborah and the New Testament with the relatives of Timothy and much more.  As always, this is a multigenerational study for all who want to watch a great movie and learn with our young ladies and men.